The foreign British language English however vary from country to country from the remote areas to the fastly growing towns and cities.The reason of alteration in English may be considered as their knowledge and skill resources available.Inspite of hardship and lack in British English knowing people we have been trying our best to make learn the students including Modern and International English.Pronunciation in Indian English is however not so rich.We have been trying to improve these.

  Classes                          Min. Age                  Elg.

1.Play Group "A"              3 Yr                    speaking ability

2.Nursery                           4 Yr                    1 Yr Nur/Pl Gr passed
3.K.G.                                   5 Yr                    2 Yr LKG/Pl Gr passed

4.Standard I                      6 Yr

5.Standard II                     7 Yr

6.Standard III                    8 Yr

7.Standard IV                   9 Yr

8.Standard V                   10 Yr

9.Standard VI                  11 Yr

10.Standard VII               12 Yr

11.Standard VIII              13 Yr                -

our faculties at a glance

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